" The best way to travel is to figure out life!! "

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Want to meet our "angry hobbit"??
come and see us ,this weekend !

Let's introduce LHC #11 our "angry hobbit", dig it !!

We like changement , meet  Transputa !

Here is our next transformer ,  Transputa !
In less than an hour you can change this one from brat into cafe .
Our Transputa is for sale !!

Less is Less!! nothin' more just Less!!

Smell the Blood!!
Here it is! The hunt of the red October  is coming
Big thnx to Glenn “The Wizard of Paint” for helping us out!!

Our Bratracer is coming soon to hit the road!
We finished the wheels!new tyres and rims.
Front fork is lowered 10cm!

The heat is on!!!
We welded a loop on the XT Frame and are looking for a good colourscheme 
which can be used for the tank.
Our bratracer will be a blast !

Well , here we are, busy with our next project X!!
Our next build is based on a yamaha XT600 , we think this soldier of Doom
will give you the rawness and elegance you have never been seen!!
Watch out! for more news


LHC is featuring in the new motoplus magazine thnx to Roemer!!

     Left Hand Cycles on tour with special friend "Forest ranger Bremmie"

LHC # 2  "The Forrester"

The Forrester is for sale this motorcycle was from origin a honda
 CB750 Boldór and now a wild Scrambler that has worldwide attention!
Also nominated on Silodrome

if you are interested please mail us:

Our next project will be a blast!!! meet the LHC #10 in progression.

We are very proud to be listed on Airows top 20!!

Yesssssss!!! Very soon we will show you our next project: "Agent Orange"

Our "Agent Orange"is almost ready for take off !!!

Summer is Here! We are very busy with several projects and we Love it!!!

Three students of Cibap Zwolle had a final year project.
They 've made 3 different movies about LHC .
Kim,Dominick and Joost thnx for a great time!
This one is made by Kim.

Our next project "Agent Orange"


Hell yeah!! We had a great time this weekend,good food and nice weather!

Yesss!!! Parts are ready for powdercoating, the wolf is waiting at the border!!

Hey ho! Let's go!!
Dominick,Joost and Kim of Cibap Zwolle
are making a short film of Lefthandcycles as final year project!
We are very curious, to be continued.....

LHC was at the Rusty Gold Event last Sunday! We had a great time and loved the Mopeds!

The grinder has found his way!! Almost ready for powdercoating.
Here it is!! Our next project the LHC # 9
More pictures next week.

The LHC # 9 is born! Building a caferacer for Lars

Frank is getting nervous !!
Our "german friend " almost done....

New tees are in ! 
available in black and white

22.50 euro
shipping worldwide !

Spring is on its way !!
It took a while, but we're gonna fix another bicycle,
specialy made for Thijs 


We are very proud to be on Silodrome's list ,
Top13 motorcycles
of 2013

Work in progress !
               Beemer under construction               



2014 is coming......and a Beemer is
 on the way commissioned by Frank!
More information about this project is coming soon