LHC 12 "The Terror Punker"

Devil's hooked tongue,black takes away
Ashes arise,clouds of their faith
Hatred becomes the infidel's graves
Unveil thy cloack,forge the mine curse
Demon seed womb,dictators birth
Come to conspire control of the earth

LHC # 11 "The Angry Hobbit"

There was a forrest near the lake.
Full with stones , trees and holes.
In one of these holes was living the angry hobbit" the destroyer"
Once a day he slaughtered many dwarves with his famous axe.
His mantra says " killing is my business and business is fine."
With his big offroad wheels he was king of the FORREST.
No one could escape , but after midnight  the hobbit uses his big master headlight to seek and destroy.
After years of death and destruction

No one knows where he is, maybe near you???.... Kill, kill , kill.

LHC # 10 "El Puta"

born to please mankind ,
built in the slums of the passion flower,
androgyne to satisfy anyone,

begs to be abused........EL PUTA

LHC # 3 "The Red Devil"

Melting iron into fire
steamless fogery will take your breath
Demons soul is burning now
The heat of the road is coming ....Red Devil

LHC # 2 "The Forrester"

Turn the throttle,hear the sound of the open exhaust 
and let the squirrels and deer disappear !

LHC # 7 "Der Bomber"

Wenn die Finsternis kommt und die Luft ist dunkel ,wird es  gef√§hrlich auf der Strasse.
Geknister und ängstlich aussehen !!

Guck, guck da kommt......Der Bomber!

LHC # 6 "The Transformer"

Imagine its 2043 and you live at the planet Cyberton.
There is a war between Autobots and Deceptions.
Involved in this war you have to chose between your caferacer or your scrambler.

Not easy if you like them both !

LHC # 9 "Agent Orange"

Summer is gone!
A Chemical wind into the forrest!
No leaves on the maple tree.
Killed by the acid rain!!
Freeze the engine of your Head!

Meet our violater  “Agent Orange”

LHC # 1 "The Acid King"

Climate is changing-no massproduction-global warming-
one of a kind-acid rain-less is less-sealevel rise-changement-
a new era dawns ....

Ladies and gentleman may we present ...the acid king !

LHC # 8"The Arctic Monkey"

Winter has Fallen
Wolfs and polar beers are hungry
On the hunt, killing for daily consumption
Struggle into snowblizzards
Fear the thoughts, dazzled fire can't be enough.
Hand on the throttle, banging exhaust, feel the difference...Take your Thumper!

The Arctic Monkey is coming.
LHC Zero "De Kannibaal"